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This page contains answers to some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If you cannot find your answer, please contact us and a Board Member will respond to you shortly.

Are dogs allowed at Plank Road Park?

Dogs are NOT allowed Plank Road Park when any youth activities or town events are in session.  CYSL soccer games are included in this designation.  See Plank Road Park Rules in the Forms/Documents section.

Does my child have to play on a coed team?

At this time all teams are coed.

When are the games played?
All games are played on Saturdays, unless rescheduled by a Coach.  If a game is cancelled due to the weather there is no makeup.

Where are the games played?

All games are played at the CYSL complex (Plank Road Park) on Mud Mill Road in Cicero NY.

Can I coach if I have no experience?

Yes. Coaching a team is a great way to learn the game. CYSL will offer Coaching Clinics and the Director of Coaches is available to assist with questions. If you coach you will be able to pick your practice times.  Your child plus an assistant coach's child will be placed on your team.

If I coach can I pick my team?

No. All teams are picked via: 1st By Coach; 2nd By teammate preference; 3rd By Team name; 4th By a blind draw. As a coach, your child and one assistant coach's child will be placed on your team.

Can I pick when my child practices?

No. Practice times are picked by the coaches after he or she receives his or her roster. Coaches are volunteers therefore the practice times are at a time that is convenient for the coach.

Can I pick where my child practices?

No. Practice location is picked by the coach. The locations are specified by CYSL.

Can my child play with their friend so I can carpool with another parent?

Players can be placed on the same team if they are within the same age division and if the team does not have a full roster.

Can both of my children play on the same team?
If you have children playing in two age groups the older child may NOT "play down" one age division in order for both children to be on the same team.  The younger child may be able to “play up” with prior approval from the coach. 

Can I change my child's team if their practice time/location is inconvenient?

Unfortunately not. Teams are not divided based on practice preferences. The coaches do not choose their practice time/location until after they get their rosters. As coaches are volunteers they will choose their practice times and location based on what is convenient to them.

What is included in my registration fee?

Players will be provided with uniform shirts, shorts and socks. Each player is responsible for their own shin guards and soccer cleats.  The registration fee also pays for the child's liability insurance through the League.  Players will also be celebrated at the end of the year with a recognition chosen by the Board.

What is the difference in soccer cleats and other cleats?

A soccer cleat does not have a cleat on the toe, like those for baseball and football. Players wearing cleats with a toe cleat will not be allowed to play.

Do we play in the rain?

Yes, a game will be played if it is raining. If thunder or lightening is encountered during a game then the game will be stopped and deemed complete as there are no make up games. If you are on your way to a game and see lightening please finish your trip to the game to make sure the game is canceled.

How do I know if games have been cancelled?

A complete game schedule will be placed on the website ( once it is completed. Should the day’s games be cancelled for any reason this will be placed on the front page of the website as soon as the league is notified. The Town of Cicero controls the use of the fields and will determine when they are available for play.  

You can also receive league information via our CYSL Remind messages.  Send a text to: 81010 with message: @cyslag to subscribe to the Age-Division messages, and @cyslm to subscribe to Mini-Kickers messages.  This will enroll you into our Remind messages.

What if Plank Road Fields are closed by the Town?

This usually occurs during a rainy season. Notification of closure will be posted on our website home page and your coach will be notified by email. You will need to check the web page and verify the information with your coach.

What if there is a problem during a game?
If the problem is concerned with Parental or Coaching behavior, or loss of control of a game by the Referee, then please go to the Concession Stand and enlist the help of the Board Member on duty.  Also, please submit an Incident Report.

How do I know which field my child plays on?

A map of the fields at Plank Road Park can be found here or ask a Board member at the park.

Can I request a specific coach?

Yes. However, the request does not guarantee placement.

When will I hear from my child's coach?

Coaches will receive their rosters approximately 3 weeks prior to the first game and will contact their players to notify them of the practice schedule.

What is the jewelry policy for soccer?

We do not allow any jewelry for safety purposes. No earrings, no watches, etc. We realize that many young girls may have their ears pierced for the first time but we will not allow any earrings even if they are taped over.

Can my child wear a sweatshirt when it is cold?

Yes but please have the soccer jersey and shorts as the outmost layer. Gloves and head coverings are permitted when it is cold but no hard rimmed hats. The gloves should have no metal pieces attached to the glove for safety of others. Please do not wear a hooded sweat suit or jacket for safety reasons.

Can my child play with a cast on a broken arm if it is wrapped?

No. CYSL does not allow a child to play with a cast, wrapped or not, regardless of doctor's permission.

Will games be postponed due to cold weather?

Soccer is played in all types of weather. Games will only be cancelled prior to the start of the games by the Town Of Cicero due to the condition of the fields. Should games begin, the League will cancel games if there is lightening in the area. Games will only be cancelled if conditions threaten the well being of the children due to extreme heat or cold.

Can my child play a more competitive level of soccer than the recreational level?
At this time CYSL offers only "recreational" soccer.

Is there a size chart comparing number size to letter size for uniforms?
Youth XXSmall is similar to a 3-4
Youth XSmall is similar to a 4-5
Youth Small is similar to a 5-6
Youth Medium is similar to a 7-8

Youth Large is similar to a 10-12
Adult Small is similar to a 14-16
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult XLarge
Adult XXLarge

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